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Modified Guar Gum

Modified Guar Gum
Guar Gum is one of the most cost effective and functional ingredients soluble in cold water, Guar imparts a high viscosity and exhibits superior water-binding capacity at low usage levels. But Modified Gums are finding increasing applications as compared to native Gums. Chemical Modifications of Guar Gum alters its properties such as Solubility, Viscosity, Stability of solutions, Biodegradability and Compatibility with salts. Modifications can be carried out by Substitution, Oxidation, Hydrolysis and Thermal Degradation and Crosslinking.

…Guar Gum is modified to impart specialized functional properties for specialized industrial applications. 

Modified Guar Gum Supplier

Guar is more than 8 times as effective as starch in thickening power and is used for upgrading starches. Various derivatives of Guar Gum are available that will stiffen gels even up to a water content of 99%. Commercially important derivatives of Guar gum are:
a) Hydroxy and Carboxy Alkylated Guar gum
b) Oxidised Guar gum
c) Acetates of Guar gum
d) Cationic derivatives of Guar gum
e) Sulphated Guar gum
f) Guar gum formate
g) Guar gum acryl amide
h) Borate cross linked Guar gum
i) Reticulated Guar gum
j) Carboxy methyl hydroxy propyl Guar gum