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Cassia Gum

cassia gum manufacturers in India
Cassia gum

Cassia Gum Manufacturers in India

Cassia gum extracted from the endosperm of seeds of cassia obtusifolia also known as cassia tora or senna obtusifolia. Cassia gum develops high viscosity in water after it is boiled.

…Cassia gum is approved for use in Europe by the Commission Directive (EEC No. E 499) and is listed in the Annex of the Council Directive (70/524/EEC) as a stabilizer (thickening and gelling agent) for canned pet foods (for cats and dogs).

Cassia gum is used as thickener, emulsifier, foam stabilizer, moisture retention agent and texturizing agent in cheese, frozen dairy desserts and mixes, meat products and poultry products.

1Cassia tora powder is most popularly used in the pet-food industry

2Cassia gum forms firm, thermoplastic gels with Carrageenan and Xanthan

3Cassia tora is used as a natural pesticide in organic farms.

Cassia Gum powder is derived from cassia tora which is a wild crop. It is basically a slim evergreen tree 65 feet height. In order to harvest this tree the bark of the tree is sown to grow a cassia crop. Cassia tora is having a family name Caesalpinaceae, botanical name is cassia tora and common names are sickle pod, sickle senna, foetid cassia, tovara, coffee pod, chakvad. Cassia powder is processed from the Cassia tora tree which grows in the dry soils and in the tropical regions of India, in both hot and wet tropical climates. A typical cassia consists of 1-2% volatile cassia oil. This oil basically brings the spicy and aromatic flavors in any preparations in which it is applied.