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Fast Hydrating Guar Gum

modified guar gum supplier
Fast Hydrating Guar gum
Vasundhara Industries manufactures various grades of Guar gum used for OIL WELL DRILLING or FRACTURING purposes. The Viscosity of Guar Gum ranges from 25 Fann Viscosity to 45 Fann Viscosity (3000cps – 8000cps), in various grades to suit Fracturing requirements. Guar Gum possesses some unique characterstics, when it comes to well drilling. Guar Gum acts as an excellent additive for mud and drilling fluids.

… Specifically in the oil field domain, Guar Gum is being increasingly used as a defoamer, a synthetic polymer and also a surfactant for all types of rheological needs with respect to brine based as well as water based drilling fluids.

Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder Manufacturer

In oil well drilling, Guar gum gives a better colloid thereby reducing water losses. It regulates the viscosity of mud solution, stabilizes and regulates the flow properties of the drilling mud. It is used as a fracturing gel in oil and gas well for stimulation.

1 It is fast hydrating and highly dispersing in nature and is also diesel slurriable.

2It is a used as a viscosity enhancer for the drilling mud, thus enabling the drilling fluids to move the drill waste from the deepest of holes.

3Guar Gum based compounds also help in reducing friction in the holes, minimizing the requirement of power. They also help in minimizing water loss.