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the path to deliver highest customer satisfaction

Quality Control and Quality Assurance is the heart of our operations. We give highest emphasis to the Quality of our Product as this is the only key to achieve highest Customer Satisfaction. 


QUALITY CONTROL LABS monitor the quality of raw materials, as well as semi-finished and finished products. These facilities are well-equipped to maintain quality standards across the globe and across industries. Besides high emphasis on Quality Control and Quality Assurance, Vasundhara Gum has developed very robust manufacturing processes to detect contamination at the source. Strong magnets and control sifters are installed in the process line to control metal and foreign contamination. Finished product bags are passed through a metal detector.
Vasundhara Gum has independent quality control and quality assurance departments at all units, backed by qualified CHEMIST. Various Quality Control tests are performed in our In-House Laboratories. Few of them are listed below: