Dr. Kamal Jain (B.Com., D.T.M. London)
Vasundhara Industries was founded by Dr Kamal Jain in 1976, after completing his graduation from London U.K., as one of the business enterprises of the Jain Family. He realized early about the enormous potential and business opportunity that Guar Gum has to offer in Textile, Food and Oil-Well Drilling Industries. He fully realised that true empowerment of the people is possible  only through education, he continued to  inspire, guide, educate and motivate everyone. For almost three decades Dr. Kamal Jain has been the key entity of Vasundhara Industries and under his guidance the company is growing swiftly. He is the most experienced personality in the the field and helped Vasundhara Industries in emerging as the most valuable supplier.
Suman Jain
(, LLB, MA (Sociology), MA (Political Science)
The Owner of the company with over 28 years of valuable experience in the Guar Gum Industry. His product promotion strategies, marketing expertise and effective discrepancy attitute made POLYCOL brand recognized for its quality. He started out by supplying un-dehusked splits to emerging markets in 1983 where Guar Gum had already been indentified for its application in the processed food, textile and oil-well drilling industries. By absorbing new technological advancements at every level of operations, he carried Vasundhara Industries to the new heights, by taking the company up the value-chain from un-dehusked Guar splits to dehusked Guar splits to Guar Gum powder. 
Anupam Jain
B.Tech (UDCT, Mumbai)
MSc Finance (OBU Business School, Oxford, UK)
He is technically proficient of latest equipments, machineries, R&D and overall production procedures. He has made the product POLYCOL deliver to the worldwide markets with safe and sound in terms of complete quality concise. Developing and researching new maketing strategies, innovative advertising techniques and customer friendly websites and networks to ease the overall customer experience. Making products to successfully compete in the international market with global giants by sheer virtue of quality as well as cost-effectiveness. In India, building extensive and thoroughly organized marketing & distribution network which spans the whole country, with professional packaging, reliable supplies and in-time delivery with continually building strong and long lasting customer relationships.